Anaheim Arena

Client Background

The City of Anaheim is the second-largest city in Orange County in terms of land area and is known for being the home of the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Convention Center, and two major sports teams: the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club and the Los Angeles Angels baseball team.

Project Overview

JOA Group has served several project needs of the City of Anaheim in various capacities and on a variety of project types while maintaining a consistent pattern of efficiency, productivity, timeliness, and creativity. Our work includes project management, construction management, cost estimating, scheduling, and feasibility studies. Projects vary from new construction to renovation of all different sizes, including gyms, libraries, recreational parks, Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Arena.

The 39-year-old arena – the oldest and most visible part of the Anaheim Convention Center underwent a facelift to make the Googie-architecture facility blend more with the modernized building tucked to the south of it. (Googie architecture was popular at coffee shops and bowling alleys in the 1950s and 1960). The project involved renovating the exterior area of the Arena structure to improve the aesthetics and provide natural lighting elements to the existing conditions; demolishing exterior walls and portions of the interior ceilings to install the new structural elements and adjusting the existing mechanical systems; installing new sloped aluminum glazing system with transparent vision glass; installing light control in concourse areas with motor controlled key-operated shade system; restoring existing lighting, air ducting and signage. All work was performed while the Convention Center remained fully functional.

Our Role

JOA Group took on this challenge and developed an efficient method for evaluating the myriad of potential decisions and how they would impact costs and schedules.

  • Cooperative Collaboration
    Cooperation and collaboration can often be a challenge when working with a variety of types of professionals and unique personalities. JOA Group has a well-known reputation of successfully navigating these situations with the adeptness to provide the optimal outcome. The Anaheim Arena project required cooperation with the staff, various contractors and a myriad of vendors.
  • Evaluate and Audit
    The JOA Group team’s experience provided a critical speed to market advantage of effectively evaluating the project without sacrificing power and experience.
  • Solution Development
    Everyone appreciates having choices. JOA Group’s creativity and experience allow for the presentation of various approaches to solving particular needs. JOA Groupwas able to provide the Anaheim Arena their choice of solutions taking into account variations on sustainability, cost effectiveness and experience.
  • Efficient Decisioning
    In the development and construction business, time often equates to money. Understanding this key dependency, and being ever mindful of the financials, JOA Group has applied creativity and experience to develop tools specific to projects. On the Anaheim Arena project, JOA Group did this through the development of a proprietary decision-making tool to efficiently evaluate the cost and benefits of working various LEED credits resulting in LEED certification.

JOA Group is a team player, known for working collaboratively to find the best and most effective solutions within various stakeholder groups. We are strategic planners that specialize in identifying objectives, establishing milestones and tracking progress.

Project Challenges

Tackling the Anaheim Arena project was a particular challenge having to consider the variety of elements, ensure safety during events as well as the sheer scale of the facility. The Anaheim Arena has over 14,000 individual lighting fixtures and was looking to explore a sustainable power solution that would cut costs, provide LEED credits while not sacrificing power and performance. The Anaheim Arena retrofit was completed in a timely manner, maintaining key safety constraints during the project. Not only did the project result in a visually more appealing experience, it has also resulted in savings of millions of dollars annually, providing renewable energy and qualifying the Anaheim Convention Center with LEED Silver Certification.