• Prado Dam property

Prado Dam Retention Basin

Client Background

Project Overview

Since 2008, JOA Group has provided Contract Administration & Contract Management (CA/CM) services to the County of Orange for the Prado Dam Retention Basin property demolition. The basin’s expansion is part of the Santa Ana River Mainstem project. JOA Group is responsible for site preparation for acquired properties that require demolition. Site preparation includes site evaluation, design, permitting, demolition, and hazardous waste remediation for multiple sites.

Our Role

JOA Group’s role as the CA/CM primarily includes selection and oversight of engineering consultants, obtaining approvals from agencies such as Army Corps of Engineers, and bid and construction administration. In addition, JOA Group prepares staff reports, provides schedule and cost updates, and coordinates with County of Orange/OCF-CD staff.

Prado Dam Demolition

As part of these projects, JOA Group has provided significant experience and capability in the following key areas:

  • Site demolition projects.
  • Water well destruction and preservation projects.
  • Mitigation/removal of asbestos-containing material (ACM).
  • Environmental site remediation projects of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
  • Interfacing with state and local building/planning departments and overseeing regulatory agencies in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
  • Job Order Contracting utilized for either ACM abatement and/or site demolition.
  • RS Means Estimating Program tools to establish “basis of estimate” to analyze Job Order Contracting quotes for ACM abatement and/or site demolition.

Project Challenges

The Prado Dam Retention Basin Demolition has a number of challenging and unique components. During one demolition in Chino, the project included demolition of all vertical elements above grade within the 59-acre property, including existing agricultural and residential buildings. Within this property, there were a total of 17 structures, including a milking barn and 4 single-family residences. Specific demolition work included foundations, structures, septic tanks, trees, and above-grade irrigation piping. To reduce potential unsafe conditions within the property, the existing underground utilities were capped, voids created by removals were backfilled, and existing wells were closed and capped.

JOA Group’s Project Manager continues to perform the services for the Prado Dam Retention Basin Demolitions.