JOA has established a reputation for reliable project management and precise execution. Since 1997, we have provided project management services for an array of land, building and infrastructure projects in both public and private sector entities.

Our unique value comes from a rare mix of proactive communication, creative problem-solving and trusted leadership. Our services are all delivered by a highly engaged, easy-to-work-with team that inspires confidence, and results in project success and countless satisfied partner testimonials as a result.



Success on any project relies heavily on proactive communication—and at JOA, we know what it takes to make it work. We don’t settle for good, we strive for great. If there’s a challenge, we’re not afraid to pick up the phone, make the call and have that conversation. We’ll always share what we’re thinking, and you’ll always know where we stand.

We communicate frequently and honestly, not only with engineers and construction contractors, but also with you, our client. Keeping people informed is the best way to resolve issues quickly—and even ward off problems from the start. We’ve learned that proactive dialogue works, and we’ll never stop doing our part to speak up for you.



Years of experience and hundreds of projects have taught us the best way to translate client goals into quality results. One of the keys: creative problem-solving. And the JOA team demonstrates this skill all day, every day.

Our natural curiosity and talent for thinking outside the box helps us navigate even the toughest challenges and inevitably leads to the unique, customized results that drive your project’s success. Every project has its challenges. But with JOA, you’ll have the finest minds and a fresh approach to ensuring fast resolution.



At JOA, our people make all the difference. Our team of highly skilled project managers work with a mindset of innovation and an uncommon dedication to your success.

Our leaders are more than expert project managers. They have the unique ability to inspire everybody involved in the project, while building a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty. An unlike other PM firms, our best players are always in the game and looking out for you.

Better projects often call for a better PM team. At JOA, we take our mission—and your results—personally. Click here to meet some of the team.