JOA Group serves as a trusted partner for the development and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure. We accomplish this through the integrity and expertise of our versatile team and a dedicated commitment to our clients. Together, we navigate to overcome obstacles for program and project success.


JOA is a small but mighty team of creative problem solves with an expertise in managing large construction projects. Certified DBE, MBE, and SBE.

We work more effectively when we are mindful to live a balanced life, maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We look for ways to encourage, appreciate, and motivate one another in our daily interactions to be the best version of ourselves.

Every day, we go the extra mile to serve others with excellence, above and beyond what is expected or required.

We treat every person honestly, with respect and in fairness, and do not participate in anything demeaning or dishonoring to others.

Sharing our knowledge and experience, we remain humble in our strengths and always strive to grow daily and mentor others.

We believe what seems impossible can be achieved together.