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JOA is looking to attract fun and energetic people that desire to contribute to our purpose of creating a healthy and thriving world.

The JoA Difference

Step into the world of limitless possibilities with our small yet mighty team at JOA! We are a dynamic group of creative problem solvers, masters in the art of managing large-scale construction projects. Our passion for innovation and our innate ability to inspire teams drives us to achieve unparalleled success in every endeavor.

At JOA, we don't just solve problems; we create opportunities and embrace challenges with a fervor that sets us apart. Our unique blend of creative brilliance and personalized engagement ensures that each project becomes a masterpiece of ingenuity and precision.

Join us on this thrilling journey where we blend vision and reality, where the impossible becomes possible, and where together, we build a future that surpasses all expectations. Come, be a part of our legacy of excellence at JOA!

"Working at JOA you know that you are part of a team that is supportive, and completely committed to the clients success."

Current Employee

"They care about their team members, just as much as they care about their clients"

Current Employee
At JOA our core values are the lens in which we make decisions for ourselves and our clients. Our core values set the tone both for our team culture, and our business strategy, as we set out to enjoy the journey of our work and to help rally and inspire our clients to success.
Team Work in Construction
Play as
a team
Egos stay on the bench
Creativity in Construction Management


Use your unique gifts, the world is waiting.

Achieve Excellence


Don’t settle for average, it’s boring.

Commitment Icon Construction

That includes being on time.

Construction Journey
Enjoy the

You’re allowed to smile, and even have fun along the way.

Perks and Benefits

At JOA Group, we find joy in both the world of construction management and the art of unwinding and rejuvenating. We embrace a healthy work-life balance, recognizing that our team's well-being is essential to delivering exceptional results. We believe that finding time to recharge and relax not only enhances our productivity but also fosters a vibrant and thriving work environment. At JOA, we take pride in creating a harmonious synergy between work and personal life, ensuring our team members feel energized and inspired every step of the way.

Job Perk Vacations

Vacation & Company Holidays

Enjoying the journey is part of the JOA way! We encourage employees to take time to recharge and pursue a work life balance.

Jobs that provide healthcare


We offer you and your eligible dependents comprehensive medical, vision, and dental plans to ensure your health needs are taken care of.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work Environment

We value the benefits of flexibility and providing a workplace where employees can thrive.  We provide as much flexibility for individual needs through remote work and flexible schedules whenever applicable for the role. 

Employee Investment

Employee Investment

JOA believes in investing in our employee’s future, and providing opportunities for skill development, training and growth whenever possible. Investing in our employees’ development creates endless paths and possibilities for our employees and company.



JOA is committed to creating communities where people can thrive. Employees are encouraged to get involved by participating in company wide volunteer opportunities and local community-based programs throughout the year.


Employer Matched Contributions

Offering 401K matching contributions to help you invest in your future and meet your financial goals.

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