We provide contract compliance for some of California’s most complex projects. Our detail-oriented staff can promptly detect construction compliance issues before they become too large, and work with the project team to quickly resolve them. We are used to working with some of the most cutting-edge software in the industry, which not only saves considerable project time and cost, but also improves accuracy of the results.

Our team protects the client by working with the contractor and owners to ensure all data is collected in a timely manner and that they are following workforce requirements, DIR and Federal prevailing wage rates, apprenticeship ratios, Business Diversity goals and requirements, as well as completing full audits when necessary. Our labor compliance specialists wear many hats and includes conducting field interviews, analyzing data to find discrepancies, reviewing payroll to confirm all fields are entered and correct, as well as educating the project team on contract compliance and why it is important. We stay up to date on the latest DIR Determinations and California Labor Code and provide consulting services to ensure that you – and the entire project team – are following the California and Federal rules and regulations. We are proud to do our part to help to improve Small, Local, and Disadvantaged Businesses as well as protect the employees in our communities.

Detailed Services:

• Labor Compliance
• Business Diversity Compliance
• Project Audits

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