Delivering a successful construction project is no easy task. There are budgets to maintain, schedules to keep, quality to be controlled, and relationships to build. Balancing these tasks are made possible through our skilled Project Management team, who are not only able to remain tactical to solve immediate field issues, but also remain strategic in shepherding a project from start to finish. It’s important to examine change orders and RFI’s in the field to verify validity, but it’s also important to keep the “big picture” in mind of amidst all the moving parts.

JOA Group takes the role of project management seriously, and through our experienced Project Managers, we have been able to navigate 100’s of projects from the initial planning stages all the way through final closeout – and everything in-between. Project management services include a variety of work from the office, but we also frequently travel to the field to solve project challenges. We thrive on project deadlines, and aren’t afraid to have that difficult conversation. JOA Group is proud to have a diverse suite of project management services which allows us to be flexible in our project approach, while also balancing that with utilizing industry best practices to meet the needs of our clients and the communities that we serve. We are also experienced in delivering Capital Improvement Programs, and have several program managers who are responsible for a portfolio of capital projects in diverse sectors. Whether your construction projects are simple or complex, JOA Group is ready deliver the highest quality of service.

Detailed Services:

• Contract Administration
• Cost Estimating
• Design Management
• Owner Representation
• PMO Best Practices
• Project Closeout
• Project Oversight and Management
• Project Planning
• Project strategy
• Relocation Services
• Scheduling
• Stakeholder Management

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